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SideDoor main landing page and new video, plus a mobile screen of a case study
Product Designer, Art Direction

SideDoor connects interior designers, stagers, influencers, and e-designers directly to vendors through one streamlined platform. I was approached to rethink the messaging and solidify a refreshed brand identity. In the first nine months of the relaunched site, platform users increased 277%, vendors increased 110%, and social media users quintupled.

The problem

The client was looking to streamline their message, and improve their conversion rates into more signups. When pitching the product one-on-one in a demo, they had great success, but were losing people on their website. They needed to differentiate from the industries' current trendy neutral palettes and delicate UI, while simplifying and unifying their messaging across the site.

SideDoor before Robyn Boehler :(
figma UI Library with headers and footers

Research & Development

primary goals

• Onboard directly from the site without a sales demo

• Simplify the product's messaging into its core functions

• Demonstrate the product's versatility across careers


User data showed a primarily female audience, in the 35-55 range. However, the client did not want to limit their audience, and therefore did not want feminine branding (as often seen in the home industry) 

These demographics reflect the home industry as a whole, but data shows a growing number of non-female identifying designers flooding the market 

With the increasing e-design market, more designers are trying to diversify revenue streams through their own social networks 

early wireframe and flow chart
The redesign

After research and messaging exploration, I developed a fresh, bold brand identity that utilized motion in various applications. After designing across 5 breakpoints and their appropriate responsive grids, I directed a development team that built the project in webflow.

SideDoor case study page with a large pullquote, and the about us page with a by the numbers section
SideDoor case study and reviews section, plus a mobile of the vendors page
SideDoor Vendor marketing page showing graphs of the market, and a FAQ page
SideDoor new step by step explanation with Lottie animations, and the mobile about us page with an illustration
UI library with headers, footers, and buttons
Email templates
design across breakpoints

I designed and created lottie animations to enhance the messaging of the steps of use, without slowing the site down. These graphics allowed for high quality animations to be triggered on scroll, and is meant to slow the user down to encourage them to read the simplified version of what the platform does, if they happened to miss the intro video.


To bring this project to life, I collaborated with a motion graphics designer to write copy, hire a voice actor, and create a visual narrative direction.

Case studies were an integral part of the marketing strategy to show diverse uses of the application, so an illustrator was hired to create subtle animations for each user.

Motion graphics Designer
SideDoor's illustrations in collaboration with Timme Lu, case study animations for four major user types
SideDoor video sketches including a rough storyboard and frame mockup of safe zones


In the first nine months post redesign...

277% increased user growth 

110% increased vendor growth 

Orders placed increased every month

Collections created and shared increased every month

Revenue increased every month

Customer check outs increased every month

Social Media followers grew 5x since launching

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