Future of Home 2020 Virtual Conference

Future of Home 2020 event landing page, branding, and social asset

I handled all branding, art direction, and product design for the second annual Future of Home conference in September 2020. We achieved our goal of strong attendee turnout and engagement by creating the feeling of a live event, digitally, with a pre-recorded program, breakout Q&A sessions after each speaker, and a thoughtful interface to make navigating the conference easy and enjoyable. 

The Digital Experience

primary goals

• Maintain user engagement

• Provide the same level of networking as an in-person event, encourage attendee interaction

• Seamlessly execute the two day event and present a schedule that has the same urgency as in-person


Of course we were in new territory here, so research ability was limited. What we did have was the previous years' conference survey, so we knew that networking was one of the primary selling points for attendees (in addition to stellar programming). As consumers in the interior design industry, the attendees are more sensitive to aesthetics, and the visuals needed to be spotless.


Beyond the microsite required by previous Future of Home events, the 2020 edition required both sales and events pages to be integrated into the primary site. I strategized the implementation of a paywall before the event page with multiple entry points and information about the event, and mapped all possible user flows and friction points. 

Future of Home 2020 lock screen integration
A live speaker q&a box, linking to greenroom discussions
Live Aspects

To create the same excitement as an in-person event—our main goal—we integrated “live” elements right into the design. The pre-recorded video was scheduled to-the-minute, and we used the same time stamps to trigger other elements on the page to change as the events did. When a speaker finished, their Q&A room opened for attendees to join, and all sessions were automatically added to the recap page so attendees wouldn't miss a thing, and could revisit.

An animation of the live future of home 2020 schedule, showing the arrows and live now buttons
A live speaker q&a box, linking to greenroom discussions
Future of Home 2020 Video Landing Page, with Live Banner at top

I was inspired by graphic striped patterns from the ‘70s and classic Bauhaus posters.

I served as art director for the final video output, dictating the intro theme, logo, and graphics throughout. While shooting, I was responsible for each frame's art direction and styling to maintain a polished visual consistency.

Future of Home 2020 branding with social and banner ads
Future of Home 2020 lower thirds, multiple speakers, and supplementary text screens
Future of Home 2020 social graphics, instagram stories
Future of Home 2020 lower thirds, multiple speakers, and supplementary text screens
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