iOS Messaging Feature

intro slide for product feature presentation: Apple messages
The problem: people text 
(a lot) and finding past 
messages can be near impossible (or at least really annoying)
92% Of iPhone users report Apple Messages as their most used messaging app
100% Have scrolled back through a message chain to find a specific text
59.1% Have had to ask a
previously answered question (in a message) because the prior answer could not be located
Survey respondents were asked: recall a time when you received important information via text that you wanted to remember. How did you save that information?
“My boss lost his email password two days ago, and asked me for it. I tried all his normal ones and it didn’t work, but then I remembered he texted it to me once, so I scrolled all the way back to March until I eventually found it.” —(former) executive assistant
“My coworker was too lazy and busy to scroll back through our thread for event details I sent her, so I had to scroll back and do it for her and send it again.“ —Digital Marketing Consultant
Action 1:
Saving a message
Action 2:
Accessing saved messages from within a thread
Action 3:
Accessing all saved messages from the main messages screen
Process: Wireframing and user flows
affinity mapping

For my twelve week digital product design certificate course at Pratt, we were tasked with developing a feature of our choice through the class duration. Since I've done this project, iOS has dramatically increased their message searching functionality, but I could argue this would still be useful. 

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